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BLS Instructor Package with Renewal DVD

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Updated to reflect new science in the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR & ECC Product replaces the BLS for Healthcare Providers Instructor Package, 15-1012 This video-based, Instructor-led course teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both in-facility and pre-hospital settings. The BLS Instructor Package with Renewal includes all tools needed for BLS Instructors to teach the BLS Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Course, HeartCodeBLS, and the BLS Renewal ILT Course. Recommended ratio of 6 students to 2 manikins to 1 instructor

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Why Choose to Instruct with the American Heart Association?


AHA sets the guidelines ALL other CPR agencies follow. The AHA classes are broken down into 4 options: BLS for the Healthcare Professional, Heartsaver AED, Heartsaver CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens. The Heartsaver CPR classes are for laypeople, teachers, babysitters, new parents, etc. AHA offers Higher level ACLS and PALS courses. AHA certifications are valid for 2 years and a book must be purchased by each student. 

AHA is THE most widely required/accepted Healthcare Provider certification, it's the gold-standard. If this is who you want to teach, or you're in the medical field yourself, AHA is your recommended certifying agency.

Most other certifying agencies will 'grandfather' in AHA Instructors and extend their certification to you as well at a reduced cost - Great way to flush out and diversify your course offerings!

What's The Job Outlook for CPR Instructors?


The good news is this job is projected to grow 8% from 2014 to 2024! 

CPR certification is necessary across a wide spectrum of professions, and where the certification is needed, so are instructors. Currently, 26 states require CPR training as a condition for high school graduation.

Some companies—especially those that have stringent on-site safety regulations to comply with—hire CPR instructors on a part-time basis. As companies become more aware of risk management, many are making the calculation that having a CPR-certified employee on staff is just good common sense. OSHA regulations often include a requirement for CPR-certified employees.

Of course, CPR instructors will continue to be in demand in organizations such as fire departments, hospitals and medical care facilities, police departments, emergency services, and other groups that have a demonstrated need for expert instruction. There are also independent training organizations that hire CPR instructors out to companies, nonprofits, and other organizations that need the training; many instructors get work through these companies.



Your Training Center that you’re affiliated with will recommend prices for the individual classes, but ultimately you sets the price for the courses you teach. Courses range in price from $75 – $250 depending on the class level and your geographical area.

Teaching simply 10 students a month can earn you between $750 – $2500. Teach 20 students and double that, and so on. You are in complete control over what you earn!

How big your Training business becomes is your call.  You can earn some extra income or, over time, you can make enough to turn a part-time job into a full-time career, whether you are training your Employee’s, agency or sharing your expertise with your community.

Saving lives, sharing your knowledge, supplementing your income. What could be better?

What is the Startup cost to become a CPR Instructor?

For your training and to purchase all supplies needed to instruct your first class, I tell everyone to budget $1500.00 to $2000.00 To get started!

Can I Teach CPR only in my state, or can i travel outside my state to instruct courses?

Great Question, Unlike most training centers and Training Sites, You can only teach in your state that you did your Instructor Training but With ON THE GO CPR Training Site, We offer you a National License to allow you to teach in any US State. We also do offer where you can become a International Instructor but this is an additional application process. 

Who do we order supplies with?

The only company now offering Supplies to be purchased is with World Point. I have below a list of cost for each item and along with there product code. Please feel Free to check out there website. Also if you order online, Right now there offering Free Shipping!

teresa hunt - ceo founder / Nathan Shell Instructor Trainer

Nathaniel Shell - Instructor Trainer
Teresa Hunt - Instructor Trainer


 Be accepted by an AHA Training Center (TC) prior to enrolling in the Instructor Course and have a completed Instructor Candidate Application on file with that Training Center (Details below in section 6)

Have current American Heart Association BLS Provider Card and be proficient in all the skills. BLS Provider may NOT be taken online-MUST BE CLASSROOM COURSE.

Prior to class complete the BLS Instructor Essentials Online and print the Certificate of Completion (Details below in section 4)

Successfully complete the BLS classroom Instructor Course

Successfully complete being monitored teaching a BLS Course within three (3) months of completing the classroom Instructor Course (Details below in section 6)


AHA Instructors must be at least 18 years of age

Have current American Heart Association BLS Provider Card and be proficient in all the skills. BLS Provider may NOT be taken online-MUST BE CLASSROOM COURSE.

Complete the BLS Instructor Essentials Online and print the Certificate of Completion to the Instructor class. (Details below in section 4)

Align with an AHA Training Center accepting new Instructors (Details below in section 5)


Registration and payment for the BLS Instructor Course MUST be received prior to class. Register early, classes fill-up quickly. There are no reservations without payment. Class confirmation, directions, and Instructor Essentials keycode are sent by email. Because the BLS Instructor Course covers a lot of material in a relatively short time, advanced preparation is required. NOTE: All classes have an enrollment cutoff date. Registering after cutoff date results in a late fee. 



Completion of the Instructor Essentials Course is required to become an AHA Instructor.

The BLS Instructor Essentials is designed to prepare Instructor Candidate to teach AHA Instructor-led and blended learning courses, show how to adequately use AHA Instructor teaching materials, ensure that students meet learning objectives, offer student coaching skills, provide an objective skills performance evaluation, and follow AHA Instructor and course policies. The Instructor Essentials Course is an online, self-directed, and discipline-specific course. A keycode is emailed to access the Essentials Course. The BLS Instructor Essentials is a one-time only requirement.

Continuing education credits are offered by AHA for the BLS Instructor Essentials Course.

Upon completion of the BLS Instructor Essentials Course, the Instructor Candidate prints a Certificate of Completion which must be brought to the classroom Instructor Course.

All keycode sales are final. Keycode cannot be returned once it is issued.


 AHA policy states, "Each student must have the current, appropriate textbook readily available before, during and after the course." The BLS Instructor Manual (15-1009) MUST be brought to the class.

The BLS Instructor Manual may be purchased from ON THE GO CPR, LLC. The Manual can be picked up prior to class or mailed for an additional fee.


American Heart Association requires Instructor Candidates to align with an authorized Training Center that is accepting new Instructors when signing up for an Instructor Course. ON THE GO CPR, LLC automatically aligns all Instructors who take Instructor Courses and does not charge an additional alignment fee.

If Instructor is aligned with another Training Center, please inform ON THE GO CPR, LLC in advance and bring a completed Instructor Candidate Application to class signed by that Training Center's Training Center Coordinator.


Instructor status is granted and an Instructor card is issued after the Instructor successfully completes the Instructor Course and demonstrates teaching skills while being monitored during a BLS Provider Course. The monitoring must take place within three (3) months of completing the BLS Instructor Course. If Instructor is aligned with another Training Center, monitoring will be done and Instructor Card issued by that Training Center..